Patch 1.07

Version Note: This patch is numbered patch 1.06 on PS4 / Switch

Patch 1.07 is a smaller patch which is predominantly for a Unity Engine upgrade for stability, along with a few number of bug fixes (including fixing some issues that were introduced in Patch 1.06).

Bug Fixes

  • Fix for Game crashing on Windows systems with Citrix, or other virtual display drivers

  • Fix for reduced total campaign gold (introduced by 1.06)

  • Fix for viking brute archers having too much stun damage (introduced in 1.06)

  • Fix for Game Over being triggered if the final level is the only level left

  • Fix for blurry fatigue icon in loadout screen

  • Fix for gamepad movement pointer disappearing if rapidly reselecting units

  • Fix for certain enemies occasionally teleporting off of their ships when disembarking


  • Antialiasing is now improved on Switch