Patch 1.06

Version Note: This patch is numbered patch 1.05 on PS4 & Switch
Console Note: Consoles will also receive all 1.05 fixes with this update

We’re now finished with Patch 1.06, which is now live on all PC platforms. Unfortunately consoles are likely to have to wait until the new year to get these updates as they still need to go through the console submissions and game developers and publishers need holidays too!


  • Plunge can now drop from a height of 2 at upgrade level 1 and 2

  • Slight buff to archers

  • Replenish can begin before all units make it to the house, if some are delayed

    • Fixes progression blocker if commander is stunlocked

  • Early game enemy types appear a little sooner


  • Easy Difficulty mode

  • Keyboard remapping

  • Gamepad layout cheatsheets

  • Loadout / Deployment order is retained from turn to turn

  • Game will detect if you trap yourself on the campaign map and trigger a game over


  • Improved Island Generation so failures are less likely

    • Should reduce the chance of having islands stuck under the fog

  • Improved some framerate spikes due to garbage collection

Bug Fixes

  • Possible fix for game sometimes hanging at start

  • Fix for archers sometimes shooting through cave walls

  • Fixed issues where units would occasionally stick on each other (introduced in 1.04)

  • Fix for potential progression blocker if some soldiers made it into a house but the commander gets stunlocked on their way there

  • Fix for squads occasionally forgetting to follow their commander back out of a house

  • Improved handling of corrupted campaign save files

  • Fix for units being invisible on some Mac Graphics APIs

  • Fix for commander flags getting stuck on houses

  • Cycling through squads will show godrays, indicating the selected squad

  • Experimental touch mode on PC will correctly show pause buttons on-screen

  • Fleeing archers will be able to shoot from the ship before their commander arrives

  • Fix for the squad destination marker sometimes becoming invisible

  • On PC, the game will remain visible when you tab out of it


  • Miscellaneous UI polish

  • On Switch, there is a lovely sound when you return to the game from home screen

  • Squads will now exit the house and pretend they were helping, if they were replenishing when the battle was won

  • Corpses get highlighted like grass

  • Flee will popup an icon once the ship is considered fully fled (50% to the fog)

  • Better highlighting of right click to move on PC

  • Sparklier snow

Known Issues

  • Total campaign gold has been accidentally reduced by around 20-30%

  • Viking brute archers have been given significant stun damage

  • Game Over will trigger if the final level is the only level left available