Patch 1.05

Patch 1.05 is going live today on all PC platforms and brings a revamped campaign map screen, some other visual polish improvements and a few bug fixes.

Due to us launching on several PC platforms alongside Patch 1.05, we will be skipping this patch on consoles, but will soon push out a 1.06 update that will bring all these changes (and more) to Switch, XBox & PS4.

Update: Patch 1.05.1

2018-11-29: We’ve just pushed a minor update to PC platforms that brings the following fixes:

  • Corrupted user save and user settings files will be handled and reported

  • Fix for units not rendering correctly on certain Macs

  • Added Command line param: NoAutoPause - The game will no longer pause when tabbed out

  • Added Command line param: TouchCursor - Emulates touch controls for Windows & Mac [experimental]

  • Added Command line param: NoAlienFX - Disables AlienFX lighting’

Details of how to use command line params here


  • Campaign Map updated with new visuals / animations / workflows

  • Various aesthetic improvements to the islands

  • Added several new island pieces to the island generator

  • Pathways between levels on islands are more visible

  • New fire effects

  • Various additional UI / flow tweaks

  • On PC, using a PS4 controller will show PlayStation icons for button prompts

  • On Windows, added support for AlienFX

  • Improved Rich Presence for the platforms that support it

Bug Fixes

  • Discord version of the game should no longer get flagged by Antivirus programs

  • Fixed a very rare crash related to navigation

  • Corrected the %age completion on Game Over, so it’s more accurate and doesn’t show 100% if you lose the final level

  • Popups can be closed with the back button

  • Fixed issue where hover effects on soldiers stick when pausing / winning the level

  • Fixed issue where full squads could be sent to replenish

  • Possible fix for occasional soft-lock in the campaign map

  • Fixed a bug where clicking commander portraits in the map screen would result in incorrect audio

  • Fixed one issue that could cause an infinite loading screen on new Campaign

  • On PC, Antialiasing defaults to MSAA to reduce the likelihood of this crash on certain graphics cards

  • On Discord - failed saves will be reported to the player, rather than failing silently


  • Spanish: next turn shows the number of commanders available as per other languages

  • German: Added missing translation for “Ready for action” in the upgrade screen

  • Various languages: Fixed text clipping on “Fled” or “Dead” on the end of level screen