Patch 1.04

Update: Console patches are live as of 2018-11-02.

Patch 1.04 is now all wrapped up and has been rolled into the launch version for PC (which is out NOW via the Discord Store). Console patches will be going through submission ASAP, so you should see them soon.

The main focus of this patch has been performance updates which should be especially noticeable on Switch. We’ve also improved loading times, fixed a number of bugs and updated the application icons to make the game look a bit snazzier on your console home screen.


  • Various improvements to overall framerate

  • Reduction in framerate spikes

  • Improved / reduced loading times, especially when returning to a save game late in the campaign


  • Fixed issue where the squad select UI would scroll incorrectly with gamepad

  • Fixed issue where duplicate squad order markers could appear

  • Fixed houses still burning sometimes when returning to an island

  • Fixed issue where portraits would sometimes become corrupted (show as plain white)

  • The “Move” command no longer gets deselected when you toggle rapidly between squads

  • Commanders can no longer get stun-locked when attempting to flee if some of their squad are already on the ship

Improvements / Tweaks

  • Updated app icons

  • “Game Saving” icon / spinner shows for longer

  • Highlight effects on flee / replenish

  • Slight buff to basic pikes

  • Fleeing an island resolves halfway to the fog (reduced waiting time)


  • Pinch zoom no longer snaps to max zoom erroneously

  • Pinch zoom is smoother

XBox One / PlayStation 4

  • Resetting settings to defaults works correctly