Available NOW on Discord


It’s the day that we know many of your have been waiting for: Bad North is now out on Windows via the Discord Store! Either search for “Bad North” in the brand-new Discord store or click the button below:

The PC release version has all the fixes from the first 4 patches and brings keyboard and mouse control (alongside full controller support as per the console versions).

Notes on Other Versions

Right now Discord is only supporting Windows builds, so we won’t have Mac available yet - this will either come with an update to the discord store, or will get rolled out when we release on Steam and other PC storefronts. Speaking of, we don’t have exact dates to share about the Steam release as we’re still finalising those details, but expect news on that really soon and a release date before the end of the year.

For those of you looking for Linux - we’ve had a few requests for Linux versions of the game and it’s definitely something we would like to do, but we’re a small team, juggling many things so if we manage to do a Linux release it won’t be for a while, but never say never.

Mobile (Android and iOS) will be coming sometime in 2019 - the ball is already rolling on these versions, but we’re still quite a way away from releasing.