GDC Wrap up

Whew! GDC was a blast, although definitely a tiring experience. We got to show the game off to a whole bunch of press in the cosiness of Raw Fury's loft, away from the hustle and bustle of the main convention. So what did people think?

Well, Rock Paper Shotgun were so impressed that they wrote a whole feature entitled Bad North and golden age of micro-tactics, comparing us to such greats as Into the BreachInvisible Inc, and Chess (!), which is high praise indeed!

Game informer listed us among their best indie games of GDC 2018, PC Gamer describes Bad North as "easy to pick up, but it's a fiendish strategy game", and IGN have included us in a rundown of upcoming games that you should be looking out for

We've also got a playthrough of the GDC demo, captured from Switch by Nintendo World Report. This is still early days, so some areas need polish, but you should be able to get an idea of what the core gameplay loop in Bad North is.