Patch 1.02

Patch 1.02 is now live on XBox One, bringing numerous bug fixes and a couple of UI improvements. This fix is in the pipe for PS4 and Switch users, so should be with you as soon as we’ve passed submissions for those platforms.

Next up will be patch 1.03, which comes with a large amount of gameplay and balance improvements.


  • Fixed issue where Pikemen occasionally change direction for no obvious reason

  • Improved units ability to move past their friends.

  • Pikemen can no longer be interrupted mid charge

  • Fixed issue where unit dying or getting stuck on the way to ship might prevent the squad from fleeing

  • Fixed an issue where units might not register as dead (would freeze and be ignored by other units), preventing the level from ending

  • Fixed issue where corrupted Terrain follows players through multiple islands

    • This may have looked like units could walk through walls / some areas were non-navigable

  • Replenish is more reliable, with units getting killed on their way to the house

  • Fixed issue where archers sometimes get stuck firing at nothing

User Interface

  • Campaign seed shows up in pause / campaign options

    • Use this when reporting any bugs / issues to us, and they will be easier to reproduce!

  • Gamepad: Upgrades Menu opens with button press (removed navigate down from map, because it was confusing for new players)