Raw Fury ❤ Bad North

It's with great pleasure today that we can finally announce to the world that we have partnered up with Raw Fury as worldwide (un)publisher of Bad North.


What Does this Mean for Bad North?

In short, a lot. On top of providing funds, having a publisher backing us up takes a huge weight of businessy stuff off our hands, so we can focus more on making the game. They have more experience than us in that, and the connections to go with it. So all the complex stuff like dealing with platform holders, obtaining dev kits, porting, localisation, QA, marketing and a million other things just happen now, as if by magic!

And the best part is, we get to keep complete creative control over the game and the additional time and resource we have available has allowed us to expand the vision to something even more exciting than what we previously thought possible!

We'll have more to share on this over the coming months, but in the meantime keep an eye on Raw Fury's announcements throughout December, as they have a number of other collaborations with awesome indies to unveil.

New Art!

To celebrate this event, we've also updated the website with brand new gifs and screenshots, showing off a whole bunch of new visual improvements including new environmental effects like the rain you see above and different times of day, so head on over to the home page to check those out!